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GeneralUnpaid Wages
1 December 2017

Am I being paid enough? What is my right rate of pay?

A question which is often asked is: Am I getting the right amount of pay? You would think this is a simple question, but it’s not.  There is no doubt…

14 November 2017

Time to resign? How much notice do you have to give?

Many employees are not aware that they may have a requirement to give a particular amount of notice when leaving a job.  Not doing so could cost you money. And…

17 August 2017

Managing your employer article

Managing employees is a topic that is regularly discussed and debated by employers, lawyers and academics. Having practiced in employment and workplace law for almost 17 years, it appears that…

6 April 2017

Robots in the workplace requires employment law update says IBA

Artificial intelligence and other technology advances require a change in employment law according to the International Bar Association. Its Global Employment Institute’s report says that technology such as AI is…

2 November 2016

Don’t suffer in silence! You CAN ask questions about your entitlements

The Fair Work Act provides that an employee is entitled to make a complaint or enquiry about their employment. It also provides that an employee should not be treated adversely…

Unfair Dismissal
14 October 2016

How can a hat get you fired?

A mine worker was recently successful in receiving $28,000 in unfair dismissal compensation.  There were a few other circumstances but the core of the reason or his dismissal related to…

7 October 2016

Bullying young people in the workplace all too common

October is safe work month. I thought it was an opportune time to blog about young people at work. Young adults – aged between 15 and 25 years old –…

22 May 2016

Facing change in your workplace

“You must welcome change as the rule, but not as your ruler” (Denis Waitley) Change is constant and at many times during our working lives, we will need to change…

GeneralUnpaid Wages
17 May 2016

The right pay dilemma

Being paid the right amount for hard work is an employee’s absolute right.  Incorrect or unpaid wages can seriously impact the working relationship between employee and employer. The complex and…

Bullying & HarassmentGeneral
8 April 2016

Bullying – have you been affected?

Somewhat disappointingly, a study has found that more than one in five persons are bullied at work.  Further, one in three people are affected by workplace bullying. What is bullying?…

18 March 2016

We’re employees…not children!

I have heard it said by professional advisors that ‘managing employees’ is akin to ‘supervising children’. As a general employer attitude, this is obviously wrong on many fronts. Wrong, because…

16 March 2016

The silver lining….

Whatever happens, it’s the consequences of the dismissal from work that causes me the most concern. In my experience, rarely is any thought given (by either side of the equation) to the personal circumstances of the dismissed person. Only after it happens, and the reality of a situation sinks in, does the individual start to come to grips with the mountain of problems they will face.

GeneralUnfair Dismissal
7 March 2016

Helping employees….it’s what we’re about!

Being told you don’t have a job, regardless of your status in the world, is always a difficult moment.  I know this, because in a legal career expanding some 16…