We know your rights and will stand up for you to ensure those rights are protected and every entitlement owing to you isn’t ignored.

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Workplace issues are often both emotionally charged and complex events.
To best preserve your legal position, don’t do it alone!

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Lawyers for employees – it’s that simple


We are a group of like-minded workplace lawyers who specialise in the business of providing expert workplace legal advice to employees.

Our main objective is to provide our expert legal advice, to as many employees as possible, in a safe, confidential and professional environment.

Too often when legal issues arise in the workplace the employer has access to expert human resource managers, experienced management and specialist workplace lawyers.

The founding directors of Anderson Gray Lawyers recognise that this situation creates an unequal playing field for employees and decided it was time that a law firm focused its efforts solely on helping out workers, and that’s how we arrived at our core motto:  Lawyers for Employees.

Providing support to an employee at all stages throughout the employment relationship is our core business.  Whether that is by way of making a demand on your employer, commencing proceedings or simply pointing you in the right direction – for us, it’s all about helping you, the employee out.

You should expect from every advisor that they go about their business in a cost-effective, efficient and diligent manner. At Anderson Gray Lawyers, it’s what we strive to do every day.

And, we know our business doesn’t stop with you.  We want to be the law firm that you are happy to refer to your network of family or friends, if ever any of them find themselves with a problem at work.

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