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Sometimes in life you are faced with a set of circumstances, which seem impossible to conquer.

Being dismissed from employment or finding out you are not being paid the right amount are some of those circumstances.  If you’ve been treated unfairly at work you might feel like you have nowhere to turn.

Well, this is where we can help out. We’re experts at sticking up for the underdog, the little guy and we’ll make sure you don’t end up with a raw deal.  We’ll make sure you get a fair go!

We know your rights and we’ll do what we can to enforce your legal rights as a worker.

We love the challenge. If you think you’ve been treated unfairly at work – then contact us for a confidential, no obligation assessment of your situation.

If we think you have a claim, and it’s worth pursuing … then we’ll help you out, each step of the way.

Tell us your story

Let us know what happened

We review your situation

We let you know if we can help you out

You and us, we’re a team

Our expert lawyers have many years of experience in going into bat for workers.  While we can’t guarantee success, we’ll certainly fight for you if we believe you have a claim.

Let’s work together to get the best result for you. Quality and expertise are the mainstays of law firms. You should expect this from every lawyer. Our benefit to you is that we combine our quality and expertise with providing legal assistance at a low cost.

We specialise in helping people who have been unfairly treated at work.

team work

Questions? We have answers!

If I’ve been unfairly dismissed can I get my job back?

Maybe. It depends on whether you wish to be reinstated and whether your relationship with your employer is so broken down it’s impossible for it to be resurrected into a proper working environment.

How much is my claim worth?

Good question. This will depend on things like your age, your length of service with the employer, the harshness of your dismissal and whether or not you’re able to find another job.

Can you guarantee me a successful outcome?

No. But we’ll give it a damn good go.

Are there any time limits?

Yes, you have 21 days from the date of dismissal to lodge a claim for unfair dismissal.

Can you help me with any other legal problems?

Yes, we’re happy to represent you in discrimination, adverse action or bullying & harassment claims. For further information on the other matters we might be able to help you with, please contact us.

Our reasonable legal fees*

You’ve just been punted by your boss. We know it’s stressful. You’ve got little to no savings, you’ve got bills to pay and you now have no income. How can you afford a lawyer? Well it’s simple, if we think you have a genuine claim and you want our help we’ll work together to find a payment method that suits you best.

This may include a ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement or a fixed price arrangement to manage your claim. We offer a flexible approach that best suits your needs.

Our ‘no win, no fee’ and fixed price arrangements are governed by the terms of our respective costs agreements.

We will provide information to you regarding these arrangements if we believe you have a valid unfair dismissal claim.

If you want to tell us your story, we’ll listen

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