Discrimination is complex. Often it is subtle. Whatever form it takes, it is often damaging, both physically and mentally. We know this, because we’ve been there, we’ve seen the impact and we’ve helped workers out.

The discrimination laws have been designed to prevent discrimination happening in the workplace. They are also designed to stop workers being sexually harassed at work.

Despite this, it still happens on a far too regular basis.

In our minds, its only fair that you (the worker) have the right to attend work without fear of being discriminated against and / or being sexually harassed.

Unfortunately, it happens both before and during employment and often in the provision of services.  In most circumstances, you have the right to remedy the wrong of a discriminatory act or omission.

At Anderson Gray, we understand this and we have a team of compassionate discrimination lawyers who are ready to help you out.

To obtain a confidential, no obligation assessment of your situation, please contact us.

If we think you have a claim, and its worth pursuing … then we’ll do our best to go ‘the extra mile’ to help you fix the problem.