Workplace advice focussed on getting you back to business

Workplace compliance, claims and the changing landscape of legal obligations are unwanted distractions for most employers. Our advice puts you in the best legal position and focusses on helping you get back to the core parts of running your business

Workplace training, policies and procedures

While most business owners and managers would much prefer to be getting on with other, perhaps more interesting, aspects of their business the proper implementation of workplace training, policies and procedures should not be ignored.

Think of these as elements as the equivalent of keeping your business fit and in shape. A business with the right training, policies and procedures is one that is less likely to “fall ill” with workplace issues later on.

Just some of the areas in which Anderson Gray Lawyers can provide training, policies and procedures include:

  • workplace health and safety
  • working from home
  • privacy and confidentiality
  • social media use
  • managing employees
  • dealing with disciplinary issues
  • creating and implementing performance improvement plans
  • harassment, bullying and discrimination
  • awards and entitlements
  • recruitment and dismissals