Expert workplace advice for employers

We help employers stay on top of their workplace obligations with advice across awards, conditions, contracts and every aspect of managing a workforce whether it’s just a few part-time staff or a team of hundreds

Recruitment & Engagement to ensure a productive team

Getting your employees off to a great start with the right agreements and clear expectations is critical to the long-term success of your business.

We have the expertise necessary to assist you with all aspects of employee recruitment and engagement including:

  • employment contracts. We can create new employment contracts to cover once off, new, high value employees or contracts to cover large, diverse workforces. These contracts are the foundation of the employer and employee relationship so we craft to ensure they include the necessary compliance with your legal responsibilities and protection of your legal position. All while ensuring they match with the profit and performance goals of your business
  • contractor arrangements. Failing to understand the developing legal situation with contractor versus employee arrangements can lead to major problems for business owners. If you are considering which option to choose we can provide advice that will avoid future problems and make sure key issues such as benefits and entitlements, superannuation and workers compensation are taken care of regardless of which option is chosen.
  • restraints of trade – implementing and enforcing. A restraint of trade clause in an employment contract becomes critical after an employee leaves the business and may be vital to prevent a former employee from misusing confidential information, working for a competitor or from pursuing your clients or other employees. We can assist in drafting restraint of trade clauses that provide protection while avoiding the risk of a too harsh restraint that will later be unenforceable.
  • Award interpretation. With more than 120 modern awards within the national system which are subject to regular review it can be challenging for any employer to keep up to date on which awards apply, and how they apply, to your business. Our team is experienced in interpreting the modern award system for a host of different businesses and can assist in providing advice on how best to apply them to your business.