Workplace experts on call

Our lawyers practice exclusively in workplace legal matters and are just a phone call away when you need advice. Whether you need some quick advice, a new workplace policy or help defending a claim – we’re here to help.

Managing employees: the right advice for your most valuable resource

Many business don’t have the luxury of qualified human resources managers to help manage difficult situations with employees.

Anderson Gray Lawyers can assist you with any challenging situation whether it involves creating policies or a specific employee or situation including:

  • managing an employee with an injury or illness, whether that results in ongoing absences from work, modified workplace requirements or modified duties and responsibilities.
  • working through the steps necessary to address misconduct or poor performance by an employee. Walking the line between disciplining an employee and avoiding claims of bullying can be challenging.
  • Managing under performance and implementing performance improvement plans. Jumping straight to dismissing an employee can increase the likelihood of unfair dismissal claims. We can help you create and implement performance improvement plans for employees so that you are taking all fair and reasonable steps to help that employee meet their performance expectations