Did you know that you have the right to be paid for each hour of work that you perform?

Did you also know that for each job, there is a minimum wage and you have the absolute right to be paid that wage for the hard work that you do?

Working out what your entitlements are and then assessing whether you’ve been paid the right amount for each hour of hard work you do is more complex then perhaps it should be. Untangling the web of contracts, awards and enterprise agreements that are used by employers to set out terms and conditions of employment takes time, effort and knowledge.

We’re more than happy to put in the time and effort and apply our knowledge (built up over many years) to work out whether you’re being paid the right amount for the hard work that you perform.

If you’ve been underpaid, then it is your absolute right to ask that you be paid the right rate for the hard work you do.

To obtain a confidential, no obligation review of your wage entitlements, then all you need to do is contact us for a free assessment of your situation.

Unpaid wages just isn’t fair.  If we think you have a claim, and its worth pursuing … then we’ll do our best to go ‘the extra mile’ to help you get what you deserve.