Many Employment Contracts Have Holes
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The right contract can make a big difference to your career, your future and the future of your family.  We can help negotiate a contract that is right for you!

Every employment contract is important, but when you are a senior member of staff it becomes particularly so. Given that most executives are not eligible to bring an unfair dismissal claim, or covered by awards or enterprise agreements, the your employment contract is a vital document that can provide you with legal protection in the event that there is a break down in your relationship with your employer.

Certainly, no one accepts a transfer, promotion, or takes on a new position with a new employer thinking about the end, however our experience is that when this doesn’t happen, executives are often left regretting that they didn’t negotiate a better deal for themselves upfront.

So, before you sign your new executive contract think about the end-game and what is going to be most important to you, in order to protect yourself, your reputation and your career.

Whilst not an exhaustive list some things to think about:

  • Remuneration
  • Notice Periods and Termination Clauses
  • Restraint of Trade
  • Confidential information and intellectual property
  • Directorship and shareholdings
  • Non-disparagement

A well drafted employment contract can provide you and your employer with clear obligations that allows peace of mind, up front, so that you can get on with your role. These conversations are not necessarily easy, however when handled in a discreet and professional manner they can assist in building a lasting working relationship.

At Anderson Gray we understand the importance of these negotiations and getting them right.  Please contact us to discuss how we can assist in your negotiations.

Ready to tell us your story?

Ready to tell us your story?  If you would like some help negotiating your next contract Anderson Gray Lawyers are here to help get you a fair go.  Contact us now for a confidential, no obligation discussion about your situation.